Kenyans getting ready for Stella Mwangi (aka STL) in support of the Mau Forest

    Kenyan rap princess Stella Mwangi aka STL will be performing at Thika Municipal Stadium on Sunday, August 23rd, 2009 to raise awareness and funds for the Mau Forest. The concert will involve Stella Mwangi as the Headliner, K-Nel (Kenyan hip-hop artist based in Germany), DJ Wesley, DJ Leo (Capital FM), Jimmie Gait and Abbas among other popular Kenya artists. Stella Mwangi will be joined by her girl Michelle (from the song Take It Back). The Green Belt Movement and Wangari Maathai are also expected to take part in the event.

    Stella Mwangi aka STL is a young, Kenya-born MC inspired by Queen Latifah and others. She has shared stages with Public Enemy and Angelique Kidjo. She is making great inroads into the international scene and currently working on a second album which hopefully will be taken up by a major label.

    Personally, I am not into rap at all, but I love Stella Mwangi's music anyway. Great lyrics with some kind of message, a groovy sound and funky moves - that's what I need and she got all of them! You can see how she is (w)rapping herself in Rafiki Kenya's soft avatar flag on the picture. Nice of her, isn't it?

    Here are three of Stella Mwangi's best songs:

    1. 'The Dreamer' (her second single from her debut album ‘Living For Music’ which was released on October 20th, 2008 in Scandinavia and Africa):

    2. 'Makelele' (about the post-election situation and disharmony in Kenya):

    3. 'Take It Back' (her first single, it was a kind of a hit song in Africa and in Scandinavia; #1 on the East African charts in 2008)

    The lyrics of the last one 'Take It Back' are so inspiring and so true:
    Heshima kwa huyu dada, Jamani ametoka far Tunawakilisha and We're taking it back just taking it back Rumblin’s beat -we're on fire, STL, Michelle aha Tunawakilisha and, We're taking it back just taking it back
    I'm on my way back home Already packed my bags can't wait to get home Clear everything else away Don't wanna do nothing else but walk my way, I’m going Back to Kenya, back to the fine weather Back to grandma, ain't nothing else I'd rather Sit on the porch and drink grandma's porridge Talk to my elder, listen while they speak knowledge Next morning be on my way to Nairobi Do another song bet now they all know me And magazine can write all kinds of bullshit But let me tell you this, STL will always do this Lift your hands swing them around like a million buck Make sure everybody here knows what’s up It's been a while now finally I'm coming home With the perfect beat, go a head and shake it all
    I been around, seen a few things learned a couple new things Been through good and bad things Learned about how things - GO! When you got a big dream, can't let - GO! I'm holding with a good grip I rap to get close to everything I'm chasing Do all there is, history in a making Some call it good work, some call it time wasting Some wish me good luck, some would like to see me fade But on my way back home I don't wanna stress I just wanna lay down and watch the sunset Hang around with my cousins, we be chilling man Turn the volume up on this we be cruising man STL baby knew this time would come That I would take this, back to where I'm from Through your fist in the air if you feel this People here show love, cause this the place
    Unahisi hii ngoma vinoma From the shagz to the city let me see you if you real with it -Unahisi hii ngoma vinoma Nomatter young and grown get your grove on go and get with it Unahisi hii ngoma vinoma I'm saying je unahisi hi ngoma vinoma una hisi hi ngoma vinoma I give you who I am, applaud to this one Thank you!
    Stella Mwangi's album 'Living For Music' can be downloaded from Amazon:

    For the concert on Sunday, transport arrangements will be made to ferry people from Nairobi to Thika (free transport from Nairobi to Thika and back will be provided). Tickets (Ksh 300/- only) will be sold at the gate and at the KENCOM bus stage in Nairobi.Source URL:
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