KTN exposes dubious business and bribery at Track-It

    One of the ways to get your car back after a carjacking is the installation of an anti-theft tracking device. At a price, tracking companies will install this technology in your car so that they can track and recover it if it is ever stolen. What if, though such a company only said they would install the device, but never actually did? KTN has found and unveils the people behind Track-It, a company which has been giving many people a false sense of security through a scam. Here is the first in a three-part Inside Story, 'The Rogue Tracker', with KTN's John-Allan Namu, which was aired yesterday.

    And here is the reaction from Track-It:

    And here is Part II of the story (aired on April 14th):

    And here is the final part (aired on April 15th):

    So what do we do now? Fortunately, there are still witches in Kenya that can be paid with one goat and one chicken to track down stolen vehicles...

    UPDATE (April 15th): The story also appeared in today's Standard.
    UPDATE (April 16th): And more again in the Standard.Source URL: http://pussyhotnaked.blogspot.com/2009/04/ktn-exposes-dubious-business-and.html
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