Esther, Janet or Lilian?

    How do you rate KTN's female news anchors? Who is the most professional? Difficult? OK, let's make the question a bit easier then: who is the hottest? Esther Arunga, Janet Mbugua, or Lilian Muli? Let's do a little poll.

    My favourite is the gorgeous Janet Mbugua of course. Why? Well, listen to her deep voice and low intonation. How sexy is that? Then look at her full lips. How soft is that? She doesn't smile too often. How cool is that?

    The only thing that worries me a bit about Janet is the period she spent in Malaysia. "I was modelling in clubs", she said in a recent interview in the Standard. But what does that really mean in practice? I should have been there in Malaysia at that time to confirm, so it is too late to worry too much about it right now...

    And what about the competition?

    OK, Esther Arunga is eloquent. But what else?

    And yes, Lilian Muli is assertive. But what else really?

    Let me open up a poll on the right side of this blog where you can cast your votes. Please also feel free to comment using the comment form.

    UPDATE: Here are the results of the poll. Janet won, saw an opportunity and left KTN for greener pastures...

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