Google Zeitgeist: Kenyans are Searching for KRA

    Just like last year when Palin beat Obama, Google released its 2009 'Zeitgeist' today. Each year, Google examines the billions of queries that people around the world have typed into Google Search to discover the 'Zeitgeist' - the spirit of the times.

    Globally, requests for information on Michael Jackson tops the “Fastest Rising” category (could this have something to do with his death maybe???), followed by other household names like Facebook, Twitter, and New Moon. Here is the list of the fastest rising search terms at the global level:
    1. michael jackson
    2. facebook
    3. tuenti
    4. twitter
    5. sanalika
    6. new moon
    7. lady gaga
    8. windows 7
    10. torpedo gratis
    No, I don’t know what sanalika or mean, or why so many people were looking for a free torpedo, but that's what we have Google for, so if you really want to know, just Google it.

    This year, Google also released specific lists for Kenya.
    As expected, Kenyans expressed a rising interest in Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
    But surprisingly, the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is the second fastest rising search in Kenya! Is that because we all want to pay our taxes now - or do we want to learn how to avoid them?
    The English Premier League dominates the Sports Top 10, with Arsenal beating Manchester and Chelsea!

    Here is the full Google 'Zeitgeist' 2009 for Kenya:

    Fastest Rising
    1. facebook
    2. kra
    4. jobs in kenya
    5. youtube
    6. nairobi university
    7. gmail
    8. bing
    9. twitter
    10. yahoo
    Most Searched for Kenya
    1. jobs kenya
    2. kenya airways
    3. nation kenya
    4. public service commission
    5. kenya revenue authority
    6. kenya law
    7. kenya news
    8. nation newspaper kenya
    9. orange kenya
    10. central bank of kenya
    Most Popular Sport Searches
    1. arsenal news
    2. chelsea
    3. champions league results
    4. manchester united news
    5. real madrid
    6. liverpool fc
    7. usain bolt
    8. cristiano ronaldo
    9. roger federer
    10. football
    Most Popular
    1. kenya
    2. facebook
    3. yahoo
    4. mail
    5. jobs
    6. google
    7. management
    8. love
    9. youtube
    10. wikipedia
    Most Popular News Searches
    1. kenya
    2. arsenal
    3. obama
    4. facebook
    5. manchester
    6. kcse
    7. somalia
    8. premier league
    9. michael jackson
    10. chelsea
    Most searched for celebs
    1. michael jackson
    2. rihanna
    3. michelle obama
    4. usain bolt
    5. tyra banks
    6. chris brown
    7. cristiano ronaldo
    8. lady gaga
    9. roger federer
    10. bob marley
    Yes, I have to admit I also did a search for Rihanna in 2009. And you, what have you been searching for in 2009?
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