How (some) tourists discuss the qualities of our (innocent?) Kenyan girls

    I was shocked today. I discovered this disgusting website which aims at facilitating the exchange of information between men who are looking for sex with women. The bad news is that Kenya is featured prominently.

    A certain Satyr9 posed the following question:
    Maybe I am just computer-retarded, but I do not get how to find women in Nairobi (or anywhere else) through Facebook. I have searched by city, etc., but the best I do is find random women for whom there is no info available (as they are not my friends).

    Do you simply write to every woman who appears and see if they write back?


    And a more experienced Jamjam222 responded:

    I shouldn't do this, because I really don't want normal Kenya girls to be exposed to all the naughty mongers out there.ha ha ha!

    So, any girls you guys meet through this advise you make sure you guys treat them nicely. That's the deal.

    There are so many pretty girls on Facebook you wont believe it.
    Just find one girl in Kenya, and then search through her friends. Add the ones you find attractive. Then you go trough the attractive girls friend lists as pretty girls normally have prettier friends than normal girls. Add more girls.

    Keep doing this until you are happy with your selection. It should take you a couple of hours of home work. It's really worth it if you are looking for the true GF feeling.

    50-80% will accept you friend request guaranteed. Then you send them a private message: "Thanks for the add sweetie! I saw your profile pic and you look great, I just wanted to get to know you. Hope you don't mind. Love, M. Onger." To increase odds of her accepting your request, send a nice message with your friend request.

    Then just wait and see what happens. 100% have replied enthusiastically on this.

    Don't write much on their walls or comments to the pictures, as many of the girls don't like their social net to know their business. Remember, we have all our acquaintances on Facebook, and so do they.

    Then you may chat on Face. Ask about Nairobi or Mombasa. Ask how it's like. Restaurants, bars, clubs, movie theaters etc. Wait for her to suggest that she can show you around. You say: "Cool, but then I want to buy you dinner at your favorite restaurant."

    Don't worry about the cost, Carnivore is the most expensive, and that sets you back less than 2000 bobs.

    Make sure you get lots of drinks to go with the food. She knows the score, and she wants to keep you while your in Kenya. You'll get laid on the first date 90% of the time. If not, ask her out or invite her to visit your hotel the next day (to come up to the room before the new date. Make up a story for why she must come to the hotel, she will buy it.) and I guarantee you will score.

    Remember; these girls are not WGs. Treat them nicely. They just look for an adventure with a well behaved white guy. She will likely hope for more, but wont give you a hard time. Is she does, let her go and find a new one. NEVER offer money for sex, unless they ask. Give gifts, take them out shopping clothes, taxi money etc. Be smart, make her feel good. She doesn't think she is selling her pussy. Never, ever make her feel that way. It will blow up in your face and you will make a lovely girl feel very low.

    This advice is not really for the true monger, as it takes a little more effort than showing up in a club and selecting a WG. But the reward are much greater in my opinion.


    Consider this my Christmas present to the nice guys here ;)

    My GF is one of the prettiest girls you will ever see. Amazing body and face and a personality to go along with it. I'm taking her home soon. She is one of the most famous models in Kenya and have featured in various medias. Tv, billboards etc. She is a 9 out of 10, and that is on a model scale not how we would rate working girls.

    I set my friend up with one of her model friends. He is not complaining lol :D

    If I am in Kenya and meet any of you, and think you will go down nicely with her friends I would surely set you up. But I would be screening you for certain qualities. If you screw up it comes back to me.
    OK, if you find this disturbing behavior quite normal and are not yet upset by the above, have a look at this, and let me know what you think. Is this great advice for tourists or are there ways of attracting 'better' tourists to our country?Source URL:
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