No check no check - Up to 8 hours long

    Always is Kenya’s most popular brand of sanitary pads. And it seems to gain even more popularity now through a very appealing advertisement. The ad opens in a girls school as they are having class. One of the girls takes a roll of tissue paper out of her desk and would like to check something... Let's have a look:

    Wow, what an upbeat tune and a nicely choreographed dance, very well done! Some of the local television stations here in Kenya are playing the clip a bit too often, but it is still not too boring. And if you're really a fan of the music, you can even download the ringtone for free from here. Just imagine your phone going off with that ringtone... I check I check.

    "Up to 8 hours, no check no stain".
    I am supporting a cousin of mine who is in high school. Apart from school fees, I have to give her money for all kinds of other things, including sanitary pads. Now she's telling me that the slogan of "8 hours long" is not really correct and I have to double her allocation for sanitary pads from 12 pads per month (4 days x 3 pads/day at a rate of 8 hours per pad) to 24 pads per month. Superior feminine protection for eight hours? Maybe not always? So ladies, I need some help here. Is my cousin's demand still reasonable even now that we have the 8 hours pads available, or is my cousin just trying to rip me off?Source URL:
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